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Cultural productions

The best stories and most exciting narrative forms are found in art and culture – they touch us emotionally and affect us directly. Novel, critical cultural formats are therefore at the heart of neue unentd_ckte narrative: as part of our accompanying program, we advise, accompany and support innovative cultural productions. All creative formats are conceivable: Theater plays, interventions in public space, readings, films and much more.

Each year we write the accompanying program for three new productions.

The nun-companion program / The nun-accompanying program

Our role from now on is to accompany the production process in a meaningful way – depending on the context and needs, this can be done through external consulting, workshops, focus groups, research or networking.

We discuss together in which way the project will be financed – also by funds of the program neue_unentd_ckete_narrative (nun) and by further funding applications, which we support.

You can find more information about the application process here.

We are currently supporting the following productions:

With “The Moving Stories of Mobile Women” (working title), the Chemnitz Figure Theater and the project team are now dealing with the history of the contract workers of the GDR. Interviews will be conducted, documents sifted through and life paths traced. In the area of tension between work – women – migration, the production focuses on female biographies and approaches the different perspectives and experiences in a dialogue between the generations. This material will be used to create a theater production that will premiere as part of the interdisciplinary network project “Kein Schlussstrich!” and will be accompanied by an extensive framework and educational program in cooperation with Chemnitz women, didacticians, historians, cultural actors and a nationwide network.

Planned premiere date: November 6, 2021

Venue: Figurentheater Chemnitz

The project “Offener Prozess” has been working since ??? NSU reappraisal in Saxony, among other things in the form of an exhibition and an accompanying program for schools.

The multimedia exhibition addresses the topic of the NSU by taking East German reality, especially in Saxony, as a starting point. The story of the NSU is told from the migration stories of the contract workers; in addition, the topic of structural racism is considered.

It is designed as a mobile, traveling exhibition that can take place at different locations with changing scope, mediation and accompanying program.

The digital exhibition is scheduled for completion in April.

More about the Offener Prozess project (link):

„Identität durch Tanz“ or “Nhảy cho chúng ta” (Identity through dance). This is the title of one of our three new cultural productions which we are accompanying, starting in July 2021, for two years. The focus of this film- and dance performance project is on the dubject of German-Vietnamese identities in the second generation within the city of Chemnitz. Duc and Nam (dance), Christian (direction), Maria (production) and Valentin (camera) aim to capture various everyday experience and perspectives with this documentary-artistic format. The film gives answers to questions like: What does actually identity mean? And can dance help to find it?

About the contributors: Nam, Duc and Christian have Vietnamese parents and grew up in or in the surrounding area of Chemnitz. Their perspectives, experiences and views differ. Duc and Nam just opened their own Dance Studio: Room – Hip Hop Spot.

More information on the Dance Studio:

“Wir gemeinsam zusammen”: This is the title of one of three new cultural projects which we are accompanying for two years. In this project, initiated by Bürgerhaus City, the strengthening of societal cohesion is the main goal. The Bürgerhaus, situated on Rosenhof, offers freetime activites and cultural events addressing diverse groups of people living in its neighborhood. Some of these are courses in lace-making and other handcrafting methods, IT, languages – and a lot more.

This Contact Point now wants to broaden its socio cultural offers and its participatory approach. It wants to create new cross-generational formats, not tied to specific target groups, which are sustainable on long-term and which stem from the wishes and ideas of its residents.

Plans include workshops, discussions, socio cultural offers in public spaces of Rosenhof. Cooperation with external players and freelance artists is foreseen.

How can socio cultural offers in public space approach and unite new and old target groups? We want to find solutions to that together with Bürgerhaus on long term.

#Heimspiel: This is the title of one of three new cultural projects which we are accompanying for two years.

The project is initiated by “CFC Fans gegen Rassismus” (CFC supporters against racism) and stands for more diversity in football and an open urban society.

But how does it work? In small tournaments on the city’s local football clubs’ soccer fields, we form a football team with the “Stadtgesellschaft” (urban society), who will enter the finals against a traditional selection by the CFC or a selected team by a CFC supporters club.

The team “Stadtgesellschaft” will be made up of players with diverse cultural and civil societal backgrounds. The goal is to bring different sports/fan- and sociocultures together over football. With this, we want to strengthen approaches of nondiscriminatory NGO work as well as a sustainable backing and anti-rascist supporters’ initiatives.

CFC-Fans gegen Rassismus | Facebook

“Der Rahmen ist Programm” („The frame is the program“) takes place for five days in June 2022 and 364 days before that. The “Der Rahmen ist Programm”-team wants to try our new ways of participation, open itself up and tries to endure inconsistencies. The “Verband der Freien Darstellenden Künste in Chemnitz e.V.“ (Association of free performing Arts in Chemnitz) and its members are going to shape this festival in June 2022 as an active cooperation partner together with new undiscov_red narratives (nun). The festival taking place in Chemnitz is part of the associaton festivalfriends, which is a joint initiative of the “Verbund regionaler Festivals der freien darstellenden Künste” (association of regional festivals in free performing arts), constituted by the Performing Arts Festival (Berlin), 6 Tage frei (Suttgart/Baden-Wuerttemberg), Hauptsache Frei (Hamburg), RODEO (Munich), FAVORITEN (Dortmund/North Rhine-Westphalia) and IMPLANTIEREN (Frankfurt/Rhine-Main-region).

After its premier in November of 2021 the production So glücklich, dass du Angst bekommst (UA) will be performed regularly in the puppet theater Chemnitz and will accompanied with a discourse program during its runtime. In cooperation with new undiscov_red narratives 2025 there will be panel discussions, movie screenings as well as musical und artistic interventions amongst other things. With that a space for interpersonal encounters and the exchange of knowledge or experiences is created. It starts as of March 2022 in the new stage.

From the accompanying project Wir sind auch das Volk! of ASA-FF e.V., supported by the foundation Aufarbeitung, the program #JugendErinnert and the Förderung des Fonds Soziokultur aus dem Programm der eauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien (BKM) “NEUSTART KULTUR”, workshops and mediation formats with students as well a mobile application arise. The will be launched in spring of 2022.

– The game designers of Causa Creations (in cooperation with nun) developed an app, which presents the stories of contract workers and simultaneously transmits knowledge about this kind of work in general. To accomplish the development students are invited to help fashion the content, make experiences in game design and stuff the digital space with their recherche and questions.

– A theatrical laboratory for students and other interested people is planned forwinter/spring of 2022. Together with nun, the museum Zeitgeschichtliches Forum LeipzigRock your life! Chemnitz e.V. and Courage-Werkstatt für demokratische Bildungsarbeit e.V. they will explore at the puppet theatre Chemnitz how work leaves its mark on our lifes and which role migration, racism and equality play at that .

– Following on this project Courage-Werkstatt für demokratische Bildungsarbeit e.V.Netzstelle Chemnitz (NDC Sachsen – Netzwerk für Demokratie und Courage in Sachsen) created a workshop on the history of former contract workers, (anti-Asian) racism and acting bold. They will offer it as of this octobre.

In this contribution you will find more information about th app.

ost in space is a artistic research program in the Saxonian region Erzgebirge, which is formed by mining history, industrial culture and especially its traditions. The region makes up an unique starting point to explore the history/ies as well as the connections between Saxony, Germany and the world. Here hidden stories can be uncovered and one gets to know the region form another, new perspective.

This way the Erzgebirge region should be enriched and maximize its concealed potential in the near future. The Erzgebirge holds an immense knowledge resources, which can be communicated across all frontiers with the help of contemporary. We want to provide a network, which reaches from the countryside into the city and the international space.

For the year 2023 we planned a symposium and a artistic project, which will deal with the connections between the Erzgebirge and the Eurasian continent. Light, postsocialism, art, public space, cyberspace, cobalt, counterfeit craft and a copy of the Erzgebirge in Asia will be of importance.

The project “zum beiSPIEL: Menschenrechte” of Arthur e.V. plans in cooperation with new undiscov_red narratives and partners from Chemnitz and Dresden to establish an international human rights film festival under the name of “PERSPEKTIVEN” in Chemnitz from 2023 onwards.

The adolescents, who feel like wachting and judging, will be recruited until january of 2023. The persons involved awaites an exciting time. Besides the afternoons in the jury we offer a joint trip to the “One World” festival in Prague among other things. There the teenagers can experience how such an event works. Afterwards they will curate the program of the film festival in the Metropol theatre in november of 2023.

You will find all informations on the kick-off event on November 4, 2022, here.

The Theater Pedagogic Center Kinder- und Jugendtheater Burattino/Stollberg

Burattino gradual expands its program by political plays, workshops, seminars and topical relevant subjects. In this process nun stands by the theatre and its players.

The initial thought behind the project was a staging, that brought the fates of the many women, who were unjustly imprisoned in Hoheneck, to live. It was made visible, so they did not fall into oblivion.

Together with nun Burattino wants to responds the challenge of converting the negative narrative of the “Frauengefängnis Hoheneck” without setting aside its inhuman past.

In cooperation with many players of various organizations and associations from the district Erzgebirge we revive the project “Unentdeckte Nachbarn”.

For that we bring the exhibition “Offener Prozess” to the Saxonian district in the year 2023 and organize a supporting program, which will come into contact with society as a whole in as many places as possible. We will throw light not just onthe field of supporters of the terror group NSU, which concentrated on the Western Erzgebirge, but also on the broader social environment. The latter includes themes like racism, homophobia, local prespective, sense of traditions, religous influence in right-wing circles and all formes of discrimination. With it we ask the question, why such a fertile breeding ground for conspiracy theories and hatred exists here.. We also take a look at the narratives necessary to tell the more powerful stories of unifying aspects and to emphasize the similarities within society.

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