“Wir gemeinsam zusammen”: This is the title of one of three new cultural projects which we are accompanying for two years. In this project, initiated by Bürgerhaus City, the strengthening of societal cohesion is the main goal. The Bürgerhaus, situated on Rosenhof, offers freetime activites and cultural events addressing diverse groups of people living in its neighborhood. Some of these are courses in lace-making and other handcrafting methods, IT, languages – and a lot more.

This Contact Point now wants to broaden its socio cultural offers and its participatory approach. It wants to create new cross-generational formats, not tied to specific target groups, which are sustainable on long-term and which stem from the wishes and ideas of its residents.

Plans include workshops, discussions, socio cultural offers in public spaces of Rosenhof. Cooperation with external players and freelance artists is foreseen.

How can socio cultural offers in public space approach and unite new and old target groups? We want to find solutions to that together with Bürgerhaus on long term.


Illustration: Stephanie Brittnacher