As a model project, we are in a continuous process of learning and development. Critical self-examination, documentation and evaluation take on a special significance. During educational trips to other European countries, in workshops, at interface meetings, new narratives, methods and best practice examples are discovered again and again. These findings, experiences and possibilities for action are bundled, processed and published in reports.

Focus Groups. A new method for us.

We use focus groups for the further development of our model project. Focus groups are interviews with specifically selected participants. We use them, for example, to test the impact or accessibility of new cultural formats: How is a theatre play about female contract workers received by people from the community? [...]

Talking about Chemnitz. An Uprising.

Talking about Chemnitz– the magazine In 2017 we started the project "new undiscov_red narratives". Since then, we have been asking: Which narratives, new or undiscovered, create meaning and provide orientation to shape a modern society in a diverse and peaceful way? We have summarized and edited our work and projects [...]

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