In the publication “WORK FROM SCRATCH, WORK ON EDGE?”, Gabi Reinhardt and Frauke Wetzel describe their experiences as artistic directors of the festival “Der Rahmen ist Programm” 2022, one of our cultural productions. In their article “Let people participate in art?”, they examine the relationship between art and participation and reflect on their approach of creating a festival with few barriers.

In doing so, they also add their voices to the many-voiced insights into the realities of festival work in the independent performing arts published within this publication. With a total of twelve articles, it reads like a jour fixe of the FESTIVALFRIENDS network, of which our cultural production is a member, and is also an echo of the events. Click here for the publication, you can find the article on page 28.

The article was also published in the Kultur Management Network magazine on the subject of compliance and governance. You can read it here on page 84 in the January/February 2024 issue.