A workshop with the radical daughters (Radikale Töchter) and Hand in Hand Chemnitz


Mut kommt von Machen! (in English: Courage originates from acting!)

November 29, 4 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Stadtwerkstatt, Schüffnerstraße 1, 09130 Chemnitz

Racism, climate crisis and political apathy: The world needs new radical ideas and measures, if it wants to solve its problems and overcome its challenges. It especially needs needs more courage and new enthusiasm for democratic values and political engagement. In our workshop we pass on attempts at performance art and artistic activism. With our work we enable young people to formulate their causes and to develope ways to reach their goals. The workshop aims to support humanity, attitude and passion. The participants get help with discovering their ability to act. For a critical mass, which burns passionately: For democracy, equality and siblinghood.

The workshop is taught in German

Pictures provided by: Radikale Töchter