stefan heym as keynote speaker

I consider a utopia as something, that you cannot forgo,

says the stunningly lifelike appearing puppet of Stefan Heym, which spoke on the event “Wir sind Viele” of the theaters of Chemnitz.

Stefan Heym does not live anymore, but what if he was? If he would be asked, what would he say? On the basis of a distinct investigation and a lot of sensitivity the puppeteers of the Theater Chemnitz manage to put themselfs in his place so that they can create an authentic play. If Heym speaks , the past suddenly seems current. It is the successful attempt to start a serious exchange of ideas between different times. For Heym is able to say quite a lot about the present developments in Chemnitz and in Europe as a whole.

The people, who knew Stefan Heym and now see the puppet, have to laugh, or not?
You look at him and think: “Hey, is it him he´s back again. That´s incredible.”

says the director Christoph Werner on Deutschlandfunk Kultur.

director: Christoph Werner / equipment: Angela Baumgart / puppet creation: Hagen Tilp / video: Conny Klar / dramatization: Friederike Spindler /

In this video you can watch a rehearsal:

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