“It was something special to play in the arena ‘Stadion an der Gellertstraße’. My friend and I qualified via wildcards, because our fans ensured a good atmosphere regardless of the results at the third pre-tournaments. We were welcomed well into the team drafted by the HEIMSPIEL project and had an intense match against the team “civic society”, which the players, who qualified in the pre-tournaments, could decide in their favor. The best thing on that day was the enthusiastic reaction of the children. It makes me happy that families could be won over to football by means of this project which is based on tolerance and inclusion. Thanks to all the organizers and players, whose effort had and will have a positive effect on the sporting culture of Chemnitz.” – Matthias Pfalz, intern at the association ASA FF e.V. and player in the HEIMSPIEL team

Bilder: Ernesto Uhlmann & Isabell Scheithauer