weiße rose

– chamber opera of Udo Zimmermann staged by Nils Braun –

“A shout, a loud scream, which will never fall silent”

In the context of the event series “Gemeinsam stärker” the music theater additionally included the chamber opera “Weiße Rose” of Udo Zimmermann into the programme in cooperation with the Chemnitz Municipal School of Music. In the production by Jakob Brenner, equipped by Rebekka Betnzen and under musical direction of Jakob Brenner, Andreas Beinhauer and Katharina Baumgarten perform. The work potrays the last hours of the siblings Hans and Sophie Scholl before their execution on Febuary 22, 1943. In their role as the leading members of the resistance group “Weiße Rose” they bravely fought against the national socialist regime until the moment of their death. In the face of this it can not be understand, that the white rose was carried next to forbidden right extremist symbols at the “funeral march” in Chemnitz in September of 2018.

musical direction: Jakob Brenner / staging: Nils Braun / scene and costumes: Rebekka Bentzen / dramaturgical realization: Teresa Stelzer / cast: Katharina Baumgarten and Andreas Beinhauer /

recommended for age 15 and up

Where can you see the play?

as of 25.10.2019 at the theater Chemnitz

The performance series belongs to the event series Gemeinsam stärker and – in cooperation with the program new undiscov_red narratives of the ASA-FF e.V. – to the festival Aufstand der Geschichten. It is supported by the program Demokratie Leben! of the Federal Ministery of Family, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth as well as assisted by ASA-FF e.V. and enviaM .