The project “zum beiSPIEL: Menschenrechte” by Arthur e.V., together with neue unentd_ckte narrative and in cooperation with partners from Chemnitz, organized an international human rights film festival called “PERSPEKTIVEN” in Chemnitz from November 2 to 4, 2023.

The first step was to find a group of young people who would play a key role in shaping the content of the three-day festival’s program as a youth jury.
In the end, what united the seven-member youth jury was their fascination with watching films and dedicating themselves to the topic of human rights. From January 2023 to the festival weekend in November 2023, the small group met regularly to put together the organizational and content-related building blocks for their own festival. An exciting time awaited those involved. In addition to the film evaluations and intensive jury afternoons, there was, for example, a joint trip to Europe’s largest human rights film festival “One World” in Prague. There, the young people were able to experience first-hand how a film festival works and curate the program for the film festival in Chemnitz in November. Vice versa, a group of young people visited us on the occasion of the festival in Chemnitz and curated their own contribution.

There will also be a festival in 2024.

All information about the festival, a review of 2023 and everything important for 2024 can be found on the website: