#Heimspiel: This is the title of one of three new cultural projects which we are accompanying for two years.

The project is initiated by “CFC Fans gegen Rassismus” (CFC supporters against racism) and stands for more diversity in football and an open urban society.

But how does it work? In small tournaments on the city’s local football clubs’ soccer fields, we form a football team with the “Stadtgesellschaft” (urban society), who will enter the finals against a traditional selection by the CFC or a selected team by a CFC supporters club.

The team “Stadtgesellschaft” will be made up of players with diverse cultural and civil societal backgrounds. The goal is to bring different sports/fan- and sociocultures together over football. With this, we want to strengthen approaches of nondiscriminatory NGO work as well as a sustainable backing and anti-rascist supporters’ initiatives.

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