#Heimspiel is a cultural production that we have been supporting with members of CFC Fans gegen Rassismus (Click here to enter their Facebook profile) since July 2021. The project advocates more diversity in football and an open urban society.

How exactly did it work? Through small tournaments on various pitches throughout Chemnitz, diverse teams competed, from which a “Stadtgesellschaft” team was put together to compete against the prominent “#Heimspiel-Auswahl” team on the final day on 26 August 2023. The tournament was framed by a colourful programme of dance, film screenings, workshops, discussions and an exhibition in public spaces. A large number of partners were involved in the project.

The project has attracted a great deal of attention and received numerous awards and honours, including the Julius Hirsch Prize, the Saxon Promotion Prize for Democracy and the Citizens’ Prize of the Chemnitz Citizens’ Foundation.

Click here for the website of the cultural production #Heimspiel. (in German)