ost in space is a artistic research program in the Saxonian region Erzgebirge, which is formed by mining history, industrial culture and especially its traditions. The region makes up an unique starting point to explore the history/ies as well as the connections between Saxony, Germany and the world. Here hidden stories can be uncovered and one gets to know the region form another, new perspective.

This way the Erzgebirge region should be enriched and maximize its concealed potential in the near future. The Erzgebirge holds an immense knowledge resources, which can be communicated across all frontiers with the help of contemporary. We want to provide a network, which reaches from the countryside into the city and the international space.

For the year 2023 we planned a symposium and a artistic project, which will deal with the connections between the Erzgebirge and the Eurasian continent. Light, postsocialism, art, public space, cyberspace, cobalt, counterfeit craft and a copy of the Erzgebirge in Asia will be of importance.

Picture: Beatrice Schuett Moumdjian, Cinematography Lars Preisser