In cooperation with many players of various organizations and associations from the district Erzgebirge we revive the project “Unentdeckte Nachbarn”.

For that we bring the exhibition “Offener Prozess” to the Saxonian district in the year 2023 and organize a supporting program, which will come into contact with society as a whole in as many places as possible. We will throw light not just onthe field of supporters of the terror group NSU, which concentrated on the Western Erzgebirge, but also on the broader social environment. The latter includes themes like racism, homophobia, local prespective, sense of traditions, religous influence in right-wing circles and all formes of discrimination. With it we ask the question, why such a fertile breeding ground for conspiracy theories and hatred exists here.. We also take a look at the narratives necessary to tell the more powerful stories of unifying aspects and to emphasize the similarities within society.