Together with many actors from various organisations and associations from the Erzgebirge district, we brought the “Offener Przess” (“Open Process”) exhibition to the Erzgebirge. In summer 2023, parts of the exhibition were on display at the Theater Variabel in Olbernhau and in the Alte Brauerei in Annaberg.

We also organised a supporting programme in Annaberg-Buchholz, Aue-Bad Schlema, Olbernhau and Stollberg and offered guided tours of the exhibition. Not only the NSU’s circle of supporters – which was largely located in the western Erzgebirge district – played a role, but also topics such as racism, homophobia, the eastern perspective, the Erzgebirge’s sense of tradition, church influences in right-wing circles and other forms of discrimination were highlighted. We asked ourselves why there is so much breeding ground for conspiracy theories and hatred here in particular and what narratives are needed to tell the stronger stories of unity and emphasise the commonalities within society.

The programme of the event series can be found here.