„Identität durch Tanz“ or “Nhảy cho chúng ta” (Identity through dance). This is the title of one of our three new cultural productions which we are accompanying, starting in July 2021, for two years. The focus of this film- and dance performance project is on the dubject of German-Vietnamese identities in the second generation within the city of Chemnitz. Duc and Nam (dance), Christian (direction), Maria (production) and Valentin (camera) aim to capture various everyday experience and perspectives with this documentary-artistic format. The film gives answers to questions like: What does actually identity mean? And can dance help to find it?

About the contributors: Nam, Duc and Christian have Vietnamese parents and grew up in or in the surrounding area of Chemnitz. Their perspectives, experiences and views differ. Duc and Nam just opened their own Dance Studio: Room – Hip Hop Spot.

More information on the Dance Studio: https://roomhiphopspot.de/

Picture: Maria Khaychuk