We cordially invite you:

Fri., 8.4. 4:30 PM – max. 8:30 PM
Sat., 9.4. 10 AM – 2 PM + 3:30 PM – 7:30 PM

maximum 8 participants per tour
Start Bürgerhaus City, Rosenhof 18 (tbc.)


The best audience! – Workshop by Frl. Wunder AG

Art is in the eye of the beholder. The Chemnitz Festival for Performing Arts The frame is program therefore needs an audience that watches well and with pleasure. In the workshop Das beste Publikum! we, Maike and Svenja from the performance collective Frl. Wunder AG, therefore invite people in Chemnitz to try out watching with us. What does watching mean in today’s world? What does seeing and being seen mean in Chemnitz? What has never been watched here? Where is there always theater?

In our workshop we will go on an artistic foray through Chemnitz together with you. Together we will discover the theater of everyday life: at street crossings, on the green space, in front of the snack bar we will become the audience of random scenes. In doing so, we think together about what spectating means – for us, in art and in Chemnitz.

Our artistic-speculative tour is for everyone who likes to try something new, to talk and to walk. Every:r participant:in can contribute something to the route. Along the way, creative exercises give rise to stories of spectatorship and audience manifestos that can be returned to the festival Der Rahmen ist Progamm.