Project Team

  • Dr. Frauke Wetzel (Project Management)
  • Julia Katzberg (Public Relations Coordinator)
  • Franziska Kurz (Project Assistance)

nun Advisory Board

  • Dr. Lena Frischlich (Researcher at Westfälische Wilhelms University Münster and Interim Professor at Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich)
  • Laura Linnenbaum (independent theater director and curator of neue untd_ckte nachbarn)
  • Jane Felber (Advisor Foreign Office Berlin, founding member now)
  • Nadine Rothe (independent scene Chemnitz, Chemnitz Hand in Hand)
  • Celina Rahman, (Program management TUSCH, Hamburg)
  • Gundula Hofmann (Theaters Chemnitz, Director Figurentheater Chemnitz)
  • Winnie Mampe

Expert:inside for 2020/2021:

  • Katrin Hoffmann (Managing Director Industrieverein Sachsen 1828 e.V. and Chemnitz is neither gray nor brown)
  • Leyla Jamil (participant of Wir.Wie?!, student Chemnitz)
  • Wolfgang Wetzel (City Councilor Zwickau and Member of the German Parliament)

Grass Lifter

The theater meeting was initiated by the Grass Lifters – art activists who “don’t want grass to grow” over the crimes of the NSU and provoke public discussions in Saxony again and again through targeted interventions.


The ASA FF e.V. (built in 1979) sees itself as a platform for current discourses around global learning. The more than 160 members of the ASA FF are scattered around the globe and are active in a wide variety of leadership positions & sectors – business, research, culture, non-governmental organizations, administration and international organizations.

Other partners

neue unentd_ckte narrative is an interface project. Not only the project team is involved in the neue unentd_ckte narrative program, but many partners contribute to and support the implementation and design. This creates a network of art, culture, civil society, science and politics.